Taking time out of your own life can help you reset, body and mind

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? I mean: sat down or lay down and then paused for 15 mins.

Not reading.

Not on your phone.

Not medidating even.

Not sleeping.

Just being you with yourself disconnected from your busy on and offline but reconnecting with yourself?

While it seems like a simple task, it is a far cry from simple as the mind, used to butterflying from past and future, to be aware of the outter world, is hardly trained to have a break itself. However, given the chance, and with discipline, body and mind will love the experience.

Make time in your schedule. Give yourself the freedom to Not do. Allow yourself to hit the Pause button. Do it. Repeat.

If you have time to exercise, to cook, to watch TV, to be online, to read a book, etc. you also have the same time to Pause.

Results? Calmer mind, mindful self and experiencing more deeply every beautiful thing life offers!

So let’s Retune into yourself

Vibrating love,