“If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla (inventor, physicist & futurist)

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“When you hear a Tibetan singing bowl, you don’t just hear sound: you feel vibrations on a deep cellular level.

Every bowl is designed to resonate at a frequency corresponding with the body’s energy. And by sounding them on, or close to the body, we can bring the mind and body back into sync. That’s why singing bowls have been used for centuries to heal people with ailments ranging from anxiety, stress, depression and long-term illnesses.

I’m a Peter Hess qualified sound massage practitioner and as an ex- singer, am passionate about the value of sound – for mind, body and soul. A trained massage therapist, I also enjoy holding space for clients, so they feel nurtured and relaxed.

I’d love to share the benefits of sound with you – whether it’s one-to-one, at a workshop, or online. So look around, get in touch: let’s vibe!”

Fran x

Improve your physical wellbeing

Sound vibrations massage your organs, tissues and cells.

This can eliminate blockages through improved flow of body fluids, helping your body to heal.

Build a powerful mindset

Sound helps you reach a meditative state achieving alpha and even theta brainwaves.

This complete relaxation lets your mind de-stress and refocus.

Enjoy greater creativity and energy

With mind and body in sync, you’ll experience greater creativity and energy;

Experience having at hand all the resources to deal with life’s challenges more effectively.

Let's go on a sound journey...

I work with individuals and groups wherever needed. I also provide sessions and courses online. Check out what's on offer.
Want the ultimate in sound treatment? My individual services will relax and ground you. more…
Enjoy experiencing sound with others? Check out my sound journeys and meditations. more…
Far away but in need of good vibrations? I also do one-to-ones, group sessions and courses online. more…

Debbie Skyrme

“By the end of my first sound massage, I was a convert! Fran relaxed and tuned my body, leaving me feeling the benefits for days after.” 

Sally Hems

“Fran did an awesome sound meditation for one of my yoga classes. Everyone loved it. Highly recommended!”

Jerome Duquene

“Perfect for people who don’t like being physically touched or can’t let going during a conventional massage. Loved it!” 

Rachel Mathews

“I felt subtle changes in my energy and attitude for several days afterwards. I highly recommend a session with Fran.” 

Talking bowls...

Tibetan, healing or chakra bowls have been used for centuries in India, Nepal and, in other forms, the Far East.

Most modern bowls are made of copper and tin, providing inferior sounds and vibrations. And until recently, only antique ones created the right sounds for sound healing.

Fortunately, you can now find bowls made using traditional methods, which produce the right sound waves to effectively work with the body and mind.

I use these Peter Hess quality-assured bowls in all my sound healing sessions.

Retune into yourself

Taking time out of your own life can help you reset, body and mind When was the last time you did absolutely nothing? I mean: sat down or lay down and then paused for 15 mins. Not reading. Not on your phone. Not medidating even. Not sleeping. Just being you with...

Transitioning from Mind full to Mindful

Mindfulness needs discipline and practice to become an integral and prominent part of your daily routine with the daily implementation in your here and now of the precepts of the “Noble Eightfold Path”.

How can sound therapy help me?

Everyday low frequency noises can have a negative impact on our bodies and minds. Loud or discordant sounds might lead to stress in our emotional and physical bodies, resulting in anxiety or depression. And this often manifests in physical ailments like chronic pain, inflammation or illness.

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